by Josh Wintrup

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jane look what you've done you tore the heart and soul from everyone and in the silent hour the sickness stays the sleep your quiet soul has has left its final weep jane look what you've done jane look what you’ve done you used to have a sweet and smiling son but your fingers craved the shadows and release that never come and now you've gone and lost all we had won jane look what you’ve done instrumental Jane look what you've done you led two lives and now you have got none the friends who fell before you an omen everyone and i am left to love you on and on Jane look what you’ve done
holy father wont you hear my plea i’ve been wounded several days serving for the military holy christ weren’t you once like me man in form and woman born tired and hungry and if you hear my call then i hope you will agree that a child should meet his father before returning unto thee so if you will permit just this i ask in true please allow me once to see him before i come to sit with you lowly soldier too much you ask of me I would love to take you home for to see your family but why save you and let so many go instead without a chance or favour too young to their dying bed for I lament just what I see between the men i made by hand oh I granted freedom to you and you enslaved your fellow man and from what you've seen of war how can you not surely know that i’m a cruel and vengeful being towards whom you surely go holy christ i hate to hear you so for i am just a fighter but the fight is not not my own and i know I have killed and more than once yes it is true but i fought here for my country and in the name of you well if you fought here in my name then doubly you have wrong you’ve been and as for your so called country no borders should be seen so this is all i tell you you shall be judged by me tonight but your son has made no sin yet and his soul remaineth bright for a while
Jack & Jill 09:17
jack was a cruel and hardened man but he fell in love as all men can jill was a lady of the night she used the hurt inside her to aid her plight he’d wait for her when his day was done lain against the hill behind the sun he would cry oh you know how i love you so and I would rather die than ever let you go jill was the quiet and saddened kind but the world had been cruel and toughened her mind a candle inside her glowed with love but it stoked all her fear with its warming touch in the morning jill would get up to leave and to her tender side jack would plead Oh you know how can you hurt me so last night you gave the world to me and now i see you go jill would reply with gentle words hush now my love no need to hurt but she felt so wretched that it must be he must think his money is all I see but to herself she would cry every after noon by the night I cannot go i mustn't hurt him so but already not to see him fills my heart with sorrow well jack decided one cruel day tonight it ends in some way I will ask her once again and if she goes somehow this must end with a swipe my heart will wain and the pain of my love will refrain one final night together they shared though only jack knew what was waiting there he said my love i’ll beg no more either stay here now or nevermore pass my door jill hearing him say thus replied as always I’ll do as i must jack let out a sigh and closed his eyes then in your tender company i shall die and up he rose and with his pistol froze pushed it hard against his head and finally let her go jill watched in silence and was alone she gathered her clothes and left his home she felt nothing as she’d always thought the numbness consuming her broken heart up to the hill she slowly paced without a sound she leapt away and by the light of day finally they lay together in the solitude of the grave and so ends the tale of how a love could fail and a warning to all lovers to let love prevail
Goodbye 02:13
its time for me to go so ill have to say goodbye it hurts a less than it ever did before i’d like to stay now to stay right here stay right here with you I love the way you look when your laughing here with me and nothing in the world could make me love you more than I do any day now any now i’ll come back to you


This EP was written and recorded in a day. It is my fifth EP. It is made out of music.


released January 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Josh Wintrup Bristol, UK

Josh Wintrup is a songwriter from Bristol, England.

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